Join the Precision Touch Design Academy Europe

Join the PTD Academy Europe

Participants in one of the PTDAE courses can join the PTDAE. Costs per annum: € 160,=
The PTDAE provides the following advantages:

  • Stating name and title on the website
  • Access to new developments and PTD-techniques
  • Registration of instruments executed with PTD
  • Supply of Certificate and Label intended for in/on the grand piano for € 35,= when requested
  • Support
  • Possibility to make one’s own PTDesign via internet online / in the cloud.
  • Possibility to order PTDesign (not for PTD-Agents). Cost € 235,=
  • Interchange between associate PTD-ers
  • Participation in a PTD day or PTD days to be organized.

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT!

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